Crafty Mama!

I’ve been itching to do something crafty for quite some time now and I’m finally doing it!

Over the past few months I’ve accumulated a ridiculous number of hair flowers for my girls (well, for The Little One since The Big One cries when I try to do anything with her hair!!!)

Miranda modeling one of her many flowers and headbands! One week shy of 6 months, taken today!

I’ve decided to make my own flower/bow holder. I looked around the internet trying to find an idea that I like. In the end I’ve opted to do this:
Two picture frames – One has a scrapbook paper backing with a wooden letter (“A” for Allison’s and “M” for Miranda’s.) The second frame has scrapbook paper for a background with a photograph of the girl in the center. The wooden letter will have scrapbook paper coating the top and that paper will match the background of the second frame. The frames will be hung side by side with space between them, in that space, attached to each frame, will be some ribbon to hang the bows from 🙂

Miranda's colors (possibly changing to black and white, still unsure!)

Allison's colors. She picked them out herself.

I’ve started with Allison’s. I traced around the letter “A” on the leopard print scrapbook paper and cut out with a razor blade. I didn’t cut perfectly because I didn’t want to risk cutting too small, I’d rather fix it after it’s glued on! I also didn’t get further than this because I realized, after I started cutting, that The Husband’s razor blade is dull and rusty! NOT the best idea for someone like me who is clumsy. Not good for accuracy on the paper either!

I realized after I took the photo that I put the A on the background paper that was selected for Miranda's, oops? Good thing it's not glued down yet!!!

Tomorrow we have Miranda’s 6 month well child doctor visit. I plan on stopping at Joann’s and/or Michael’s before and/or after the doctor appointment to pick up a razor blade. And maybe some more Mod Podge. (I bought matte but now I think I might want glossy!)

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  1. OMG Miranda is getting so big and gorgeous!! I ❤ her =)

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