Spring Cleaning

Spent the last two days doing some Spring Cleaning activities.

I spent virtually all of Saturday working on putting prices on crap for our garage sale this summer. Two of those big ol’ bins you get from Target plus 4 diaper boxes. Holy cow, I think I may have been a little dizzy on Sharpie fumes after all of that!!!!!

I also finished watching the TV series “United States of Tara” on Netflix.  GREAT show! I totally recommend it, though don’t watch with kids around. That was my show to watch after the kids were in bed. Lots of swearing. Not usually my kind of thing, but the plot was so compelling I could overlook the colorful language.

Sunday’s task was to clean the bathroom! Yuck! We’re not big on cleaning in this house. As in, I’m the only one who will clean. I swear sometimes, it’s like we live in a time where the wife does all of the housework. Plus, trying to keep up with cleaning up after a 4 year old is not an easy task! So, essentially, the only time our house gets a good, thorough cleaning is before we host events. Usually that just means Allison’s birthday in April. I suppose it’s a good thing that Miranda has a September birthday! One more reason to clean! Plus, every 3 years we host Christmas with my dad’s extended family. My parents used to host, but once The Husband and I bought our house in 2009 and my parents saw how big our kitchen/dining room was, my mom enlisted us. Works for me! I’d like to be a Martha Stewart type (hence my striving to be a Domestic Goddess!) Anyway, last April I was about 4 months pregnant with Miranda and was suffering, even before the pregnancy, from horrible back pain. I asked The Husband to help me clean the bathroom and he really did not. I ended up cleaning the sink, mirror and toilet. He, after much nagging, the night before the party, swept and mopped the floor but he did a really half-assed job! I was not impressed but I had other things on my mind.

So there you have it, bathroom is now clean! I also cleaned my car! This is a once a year project for me, spring time (yay!) but again, last year due to the pregnancy, there was no way for me to clean the car. It was a total mess – papers on the floor, crumbs in the backseat, used tissues shoved in the cup holders. Just gross. So it’s now cleaned and vacuumed. The best part? I found my sunglasses!!! I wear glasses and it makes me dizzy to switch between regular lenses and prescription sunglasses, so I have some trendy glasses that I can wear over my glasses. No worries, I’m only nerdy enough to do that while I’m driving!!! If I wear them at the pool I take off my regular glasses 🙂

In addition to the clean car and bathroom, we also went on a family walk! It was great! We walked down to the park which is a few blocks away, it was kind of annoying though because there was some sort of party going on and all 4 swings were in use. It really irritates me as well when older kids use the baby swings, too! It’s not like I can put the baby on a regular swing! And here are these kids who are so big they can’t even put their legs in the holes!!! They finally left the swings so Miranda could have a turn. This baby loves the swing. 🙂  In addition to the annoying kids with the swing, while Allison was playing in the sand near the base of a jungle gym, one of those kids decided to start kicking sand at her. The Husband shrugged it off and said “Kids will be kids” to which I replied “If you caught Allison doing that she’d be getting told off right now!” I let it go until this kid took this sand bucket and started dumping it on her head! I don’t care what The Husband or this group of kids though, I called out “Hey! Please don’t dump that on her head!!!” and the kid stopped. Thank goodness. That was the time that the girl who was “supervising” them came over to actually watch them, she looked to be about 13 and there were maybe 6 small kids. *sighs* I hate when parents don’t watch their children!!!

So after that we enjoyed a dinner of burgers on the George Foreman Grill, gave the girls baths, got them to bed and enjoyed a “Supernatural” marathon!

Oh, and on another note – Won another contest today! I won a hair bow from Krazy Busy Mama Crafts! I got to choose one so I’ve requested a cupcake one I saw in her shop. I haven’t heard back on it yet, but yay! So exciting!

Until next time 🙂

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