Blackberry Puree

I’ve been a bad blogger!
I wish I could say this was a busy week, but I honestly can’t remember what happened this past week!!!!

Today was an exciting day. Allison and I started swim lessons! They’re parent/child lessons which is perfect for her because she is terrified of the water!!! I really don’t get it, because shes been exposed to my in-law’s pool since birth! I suppose a couple months a year is not enough for a kid like her.

The swim lessons are 3o minutes long. The first 10 minutes were rough and consisted of her clinging to me for dear life and chanting “I want to get out! I want to get out!” but I didn’t let her out and soon enough she was cautiously doing what she was supposed to. I think her favorite part was when the instructor threw a GIANT ball and each kid had to “swim” to get it (parent held child while child did doggy paddle and kicked feet) – Allison had her own modified version of this. She cling to me for dear life with one arm while the other doggy paddled and her feet kicked. But you know what? I’m happy about it! It’s an improvement to what she’s been doing in the past! I’m so proud of her! She got two stickers for her sticker chart. (FYI – this sticker chart was a failed attempt to encourage potty training!!! In the end it’s become a “I ate all my food, I get a sticker now!” kind of chart! Oh well….)

Aside from swim lessons, my big mission of the day is cooking up the fruit and veggies I bought at Aldi the other day to make baby food! Up first was Blackberries. Wow…. Yuck! I guess I can’t recall if I’ve ever had blackberries before but they are not good! Very bitter, even after adding syrup as the recipe I found instructs! I plan on mixing 1 part blackberries with 2 parts of apples or pears!

The recipe I used was from

After washing the berries I loaded them into my Magic Bullet. I used the flat blade because I can't find the cross blade. It worked great though!

Now the berries are mushed!

The next step is to remove the seeds. The directions called for a strainer... this was the only thing I had that seemed like it would do the trick! Just smear the blackberry goop over the strainer with a rubber spatula.....

(close up of the blackberry goop on the strainer!)

This is what the bottom of the strainer looked like - No seeds! I took a clean spatula and scraped the goop into a bowl.

Here's my seedless blackberry mush!

Because blackberries are not that great tasting, the recipe said to add syrup to add some sweetness. I tried natural maple syrup (in this pic) but it didn't really improve the flavor, so I added some regular store-bought syrup. Still didn't really help.... I plan on mixing this with some other fruit when the time comes to feed this to Miranda!

Ta-da! Into the freezer tray!
All that work for 7oz? Not sure it was worth it! We'll see how Miranda likes it when the time comes but I'm pretty sure I will not be making this again!

And now I have Butternut Squash cooking in the oven so that I can prep that for babyfood. Miranda loves squash! Unfortunately the shell was extremely hard and even my impressive Cutco knife had trouble getting through and I ended up stabbing myself in the palm of my hand (ouch!) so hopefully I’ll have no more knife mishaps!!!

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  1. I love blackberries but then I can eat lemons on their own!

    • I love lemons! I could eat them alone as a kid, not so much anymore, but still delish! My favorite icing is lemon icing – it’s on the back of the package of Betty Crocker Molasses cookies. Sooooo good!

      My initial taste of the blackberries was soooo good – then the aftertaste hit me and I had to rinse my mouth out with water!

  2. Instead of sugar, maybe you needed a bit of something tart – like lemons!

    • Perhaps! Is it OK to give babies lemon juice? She’s only 6 months old. I do have a bottle of lemon juice. 🙂

      • Haha – I meant try a little lemon in the blackberry puree – not in the baby!

      • lol I know. But the blackberry puree are FOR the baby 🙂 I think a little lemon juice couldn’t hurt.

  3. Jen

     /  March 24, 2012

    i love blackberries. i would have suggested to add just regular sugar to it, but if you’ve already done it and still don’t like it, i don’t know 😦

    • I’m hesitate to add straight sugar, since it’s being fed to my 6 month old daughter. I think just mixing with another flavor would help. I may try the lemon juice that was previously suggested as well. I’m hoping breast milk will sweeten it up as well.


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