“Can you imagine finding out your parents aren’t really your parents?”

I’m currently watching an episode of “The Ghost Whisperer” on Netflix and they said something that got me thinking. They said “Can you imagine finding out that your parents aren’t really your parents?” to which the other replied “That was my dream as a teenager!” and the other agreed.

I want to know, is this something most people think as teenagers?

This is not something I ever wished at any point in my life. Sure, I had bouts of teen angst and anger at my parents, but I never wished I was adopted. (OK, I admit, there were times when I wished I was actually a long lost princess, but I never seriously wished I was adopted!)

I’m curious to know whether most teenagers think this way, or if I’m just unique because I have sisters who are adopted. Before I was born my parents could not have children so they adopted two girls from Korea before – Surprise! – they found out they were pregnant with me shortly before their second daughter arrived.

What are your thoughts?

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