Is it Morning or Night? Why am I Wearing Jeans?

There’s that moment when you wake up from a nap, not realizing you fell asleep, and you’re not sure if it’s 11 am or 11 pm… and you’re wondering why you’re slept all night in your jeans…. and your arm is asleep from the child sleeping on it…. and then it occurs to you, you only rested your eyes “for a moment” and that turned into a 4 hour nap and you’ve just screwed yourself out of a decent nights sleep…. and that’s how you find yourself up at 1am watching a NOVA special on Extreme Cave Diving.

That’s my night so far. Oh, and The Husband is out of town until late Sunday, he’s on his annual guys weekend fishing trip, leaving me home alone with both girls. How does that work? I went through pregnancy, labor & delivery, and spend about 98% of my time with these kids, yet he gets the vacation? I demand a recount! Er…. or something…. Give me a break, it’s late! To be honest, one of the other guys on the fishing trip has a wife who is my good friend, we’ve been meaning to go get hour long massages (STILL not a weekend trip away from everything though!!!) but I keep forgetting to make the appointment. It’s all my fault. Meh….. I should get some sleep soon. And un-pause my NOVA special on Extreme Cave Diving so that it ends sometime tonight :p


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