Tutorial: Halloween Costume – Monsters, Inc. Boo (hood part 1)

Tonight I worked on the hood for Miranda’s Monsters, Inc. Boo costume.

I figured I’d have my work cut out for me because… well… it’s a hood!!!

Turns out, it wasn’t SO bad. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’ll get the job done.

So…. Here’s what I did.

1. Basically what I did was start with one of my daughters jackets with a hood.

2. I then took some tissue paper (I’m a bit of a horder when it comes to tissue paper, gift bags and boxes!) and traced the outline of the hood when folded on the seam (basically the hood is folded in half so the tracing ends up being somewhat a half circle.


I laid tissue paper over the hood of my daughters jacket and traced the outline. The hood was folded in half at the seam.


3. Next I cut out my “pattern” and then pinned it to my lining. I cut about an inch larger than the pattern to account for all of the seams. Plus Boo’s hood is a little big on her so I do want it to be larger than this hood anyway.
Note: One thing I did not take into consideration when cutting the hood was how the back of the hood would connect. Right now it doesn’t match up completely because it’s rounded. Not sure how to correct this since I’m no sewing master and I’m just winging all of this!!!  We’ll see how it all turns out in the end!

4. Now we’re done with the pattern we made. Pin the lining hood cut out to the outside fabric and cut.

Cut the fabric lining from the hood pattern we made. Then pin the lining to the outside fabric and cut.


5. Match up your lining to the outside fabric on each set. Sew the rounded edge seam with RIGHT SIDES facing IN.
Repeat with the second piece of hood.


Lining sewed to the hood fabric. Fabric is inside out. So when we flip this so that the seam is hidden the right side of the fabric is visible.


6. Flip the hood inside out so that the seam is in the middle. Now you’re going to press the seam with an iron.

Press the seam with your iron. You don’t need the iron real hot. I had mine on one of the lower settings, between “warm” and “synthetic.”


7.  Once your seams are pressed go ahead and line up both sides of the hood and pin them together (lining facing out on both sides.) Be sure you’re matching the sides correctly. I recommend flipping the hood rightside out once it’s pinned just to make sure it’s lining up right and also to see how far down to sew. I forgot to take a photo of this but you do have to leave a big space open otherwise you’re going to end up with a mask instead of a hood!

8. Sew a seam along the curved side of your hood.

Sew the hood together! Be sure to leave the straight edge open for now, also be sure you don’t sew along the entire side otherwise it will become a mask!


9. This is where I stopped for now. I’m still contemplating how to add the “eye stalks” that Boo has on her hood. I may need to put them inside the hood so I do not want to close it up yet. I also need to acquire the styrofoam balls for the eyes, so until then I wont know how heavy it is and therefor how much wire I need to use.

Hood is almost done. The front seam needs to be completed but you can see the seam on the top which runs all the way down the center of the hood.


Tomorrow I hope to swing by the store to get the Styrofoam balls and then once the kids are in bed, I hope to get this hood finished! It’s now Sunday (since it’s 1:30 AM!) and I need the costume done before Friday afternoon when we head on out to Como Zoo’s annual Zoo Boo! It’s our first year going and I’m pretty excited. I just hope I have a costume on my little girl that makes me proud!!!

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  1. amanda

     /  October 27, 2012

    im excited to see the rest 🙂

    • Well, I really wasn’t happy with the final results. But I’ll write up soon what I did so that others can see what I did and improve upon it!

  2. Alicia

     /  September 4, 2013

    I want to make this costume for my baby this year, but i cannot find the rest of this article… Help!!! 😦

    • Hi Alicia,
      I ended up giving up on this so I never completed the tutorial! Sorry!
      If you are crafty, you can do up to the end of the tutorial and figure out the rest.
      I just ran out of time and patience. 😦

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