5×5 Gardening Challenge

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I have a black thumb. Everything I’ve tried to grow has died. (Exception: I have 4 marigolds clinging to life in my window! I’m not sure how they have survived, but I pray they continue to thrive until the ground outside is ready for them!!!!)
So my neighbor is an avid gardener, he has an awesome garden full of tomatoes and squash and lots of good veggies. If I need a tomato in the summer, I just send Allison down the road and she comes home with a few (usually more than we ask for! No complaints!) He’s offered to help me get started and help to make sure my plants don’t die.
The 5×5 Garden Challenge is for both n00bs like me and seasoned gardeners as well. Every week they post a new blog to help get us going with our 5 foot by 5 foot garden.
If you don’t have space for a garden, no prob! They say you can do the challenge using planters! The goal is to get more people gardening.
I for one would love  to eat veggies from my own garden. Not having to throw away that hard earned cash at the grocery store when I can grow it myself!
The first steps in the challenge is to choose a location. This is a tough one for me. I’ve got a lot of yard, but not sure what to do with it. We have an awesome wooden “box” in the ground in the backyard and I wonder if it was once a garden… but we acquired a free swing-set shortly after we closed on the house and put it in that box, so that’s out.
They recommend putting it somewhere that you walk by frequently, so that you can pull some weeds as you walk by. Somewhere you won’t forget to water them. (Or in my case, somewhere that I’m not too lazy to walk to!)
The ideal location for me would be the back yard. It’s on the south side of the house so it gets plenty of sun. But….. our sliding door to the backyard gets jammed frequently and our steps down to the patio are not exactly safe. So, I try to avoid going out that door if possible. I could go through the garage, but that involves pulling things away from blocking the door and pushing on the door while turning the lock just so so that it actually unlocks… and I’m just too lazy to do that daily!So, the front yard it is. We have a huge dead tree in the yard. It’s been steadily dying since we moved in. We’ve gone from leaves on the top half of the tree (year one) to a few scattered branches with leaves (year two) to, no leaves at all last summer. We’re going to tear that sucker out and replace it with something healthy! And I’m going to start a garden nearby. Right in the front yard for all the world to see. Oh boy. Wish me luck! (If it ever stops snowing! Come on Minnesota! It’s friggen April!!! Bring on the RAIN showers, not SNOW showers!)

If you have always wanted to try gardening, join the 5×5 Challenge with me!
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  1. Sounds like fun and a great idea. And by the way – do you know how beneficial those marigolds are? They’ll keep away the bad bugs. Good choice.

    • That’s what I hear! Bad bugs stay away, good bugs welcome!
      I only have 3 marigolds growing in a pot right now, but sure when or if they will ever flower though!
      My neighbor gave me some marigold border seed mix, I’m going to pour some directly into the edges of my garden and see about getting some flowers growing that way.


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