I Feel Pretty

When I was “young” and carefree I loved, loved, loved makeup!
I still love makeup, but ever since becoming a mom almost 5 years ago, makeup on an everyday basis has become a thing of the past. I now put on makeup if we go on a “date night” (which is rare) or for holiday’s and family get togethers.

Now, I’m not saying that women need to wear makeup, to each their own! But I however feel pretty when I wear makeup. I feel more put together and just better about myself.

Recently I’ve found a new way to feel pretty. Earrings. That’s right, earrings. I just turned 27 and I just got my ears pierced! I know, shocking, right? This wasn’t my first time getting my ears pierced though. I’ve had them pierced 3 or 4 times now. The first time I recall them getting infected and closing on me. There may have been another time with that happening. The most recent time was 11 years ago when I was 16. Those did not get infected. I had them pierced for a good year, then didn’t wear earrings for about a month and they closed. I was bummed!
My next piercing adventure was also at age 17. For my birthday my mom let me get my belly button pierced. Wow! That was an experience I do not care to ever repeat! I knew they used a huge needle. I was beyond nervous. But I wanted my belly button pierced just like Britney Spears and all of the other pop icons of my generation! During the procedure (come on, it was totally a procedure! For me this was like the equivalent of open heart surgery!!!) I asked the girl who was piercing me if the needle was out. She said “no.” Me, being the moron that I am, looked down. There, sticking out of my body, was the largest needle I’ve ever seen in my entire life! I blacked out. Dead serious. She finished up, led me out of the room, I could not see a thing. The world was completely black, I was dizzy. It was while all of this was going on that they explained to me the cleaning instructions. Needless to say, this got infected but I did not remove the piercing because I suffered for that!!! In the end, the skin around it dissolved away and there was no skin to hold it on so I took it out.
So here I am, 10 years later, finally taking a deep breath and getting my ears pierced. I know what you’re thinking, “You gave birth to TWO children! This is a simple ear piercing!” True. And I realize the irrationality of my thoughts. But really, I had 9 months to build up to the whole childbirth thing! And I went in there (at least the second time around) fully expecting an epidural!
To prevent myself from chickening out, my sister in law Jennifer came along and got a second piercing in each of her ears. I went first (eep!) and, wait for it, …… It wasn’t that bad! I may have to do this again!!!

The best part of getting my ears pierced? These days, when I don’t wear makeup (as I’ve explained above,) I still feel pretty thanks to my gorgeous “diamond” studs! I’m so excited for the day I get to wear dangles! But I’m playing it safe and giving these suckers at least three months to heal!!!

This is it! I finally got my ears pierced! My (belated) 27th birthday present to myself! (Pierced on Feb 22, 2012)

More evidence of my love for earrings and how excited I am to be able to accessorize now???

My favorite shot from a wedding I photographed back in 2006!


One of my favorite shots of my sister in law, Jennifer, before her junior prom. LOVE the earring shot!


My self taken (first) photo looks awful compared to the other two photos!

Have I mentioned that I have my college degree in photography?