Halloween Tutorial: Boo (Monsters, Inc.) Costume – PART 1

This year for Halloween my 5 year old daughter found my nephew’s Monsters, Inc. Sully costume in my parents basement. She decided she wanted to be Sully for Halloween, therefor we had no choice but to dress the 1 year old up as Boo. She’s a tiny little thing with brown hair that just barely fits into pig tails.

Here is the tutorial of what I did to make her costume. As I type this I’m still in the process of making it, so this is part 1, everything I did over the course of just ONE day. Part 2 will follow within a few days.

This is the photo I’m mostly working from to create this costume.


What you need to complete this project:

Purple shiny fabric
Purple fabric for lining
Fabric Pen
Cutting Mat (not mandatory, but super helpful!)
Thread (I used black because I didn’t have any purple.)
Sewing Machine
2 large white Styrofoam balls (for eyes)
Black Sharpee (to color eyeballs on balls)
Wire to attach eyeballs to costume hood (I am using 12 gauge jewelry wire)
White felt for teeth
Yarn (or mop head) for hair.

Step 1.   Measure child from about top of shoulders down to as long as you want the costume to be.  My daughter was about 18 inches.

Step 2.  Either measure around widest part of the body, or if you have a squirming 1 year old like I did, just quick measure across the body, from side to side.

Your costume is going to have a front and back piece. If you measure all around the body, half that amount.
(You could also make this all as one piece, in which case, you want the full width around the body measurement.)

Regardless of how you measured, add a LOT extra length to both measurements when you cut to ensure your costume will be big enough after finishing the edges. (I did not add enough extra fabric so the costume is too small, forcing me to do a work around.)

Step 3.  Mark your measurements on the LINER fabric. Cut a rectangle, be sure you’re cutting enough fabric to make up for the “puff’s” you’ll be sewing in later. Also be sure there’s enough extra fabric (see above) for stitching the pieces together, as well as folding over for the elastic on the top and bottom.

Step 4:   Do the same for the fabric that will be on the outside of the costume, Add enough extra fabric to both ends (top/bottom & sides) to allow the puffs to be filled.

Mark along ruler with Fabric Pen

Step 5:  Take one of each fabric rectangle (one liner, one front) With RIGHT sides OUT (as in, lay the pieces exactly as you would wear them) and pin the top and the bottom. There should be extra saggy fabric in the middle of the OUTSIDE fabric layer. This is so we can add the “puff’s” in.
Note: If you cut your fabric in one piece you will do this step once, if you cut it into two as I did, you’ll repeat for second set of fabric rectangles.

Pin your two pieces of fabric together, outside material on top and liner on the bottom. Make sure RIGHT SIDES are facing OUT! Exactly as you would wear them.

Step 6:  After pinning, sew a line straight across – I sewed at 3/8″ marker (with my needle right of center) but you can sew at whatever you feel is right for your particular costume. Keep in mind, you’re going to be folding this end over later to add the elastic to both the top and the bottom.

Sew along the top and bottom edges. Your liner should be pinned to your outside fabric, both facing out with the RIGHT sides of the fabric showing.
I sewed along the 3/8″ marker with my needle set right of center on my machine.

This is what it looks like once the top and bottom are sewed together. (This is the view looking at the lining side.)

“Hey, Mom! What ‘cha doin’?”

Step 7:   Now you have your costume front (or back – or, if you cut one big piece, the front AND back!) sewed together at the top and bottom. Since this is the outside of the costume, we want to fix the edges. Fold them over to hide your rough edges. If you skip this step, you may have trouble with the elastic getting stuck when you try to thread it through later. So you’re sewing the top and bottom edges again.

Fold the fabric over to hide the ugly seam.

Now take a look at those pretty edges!

Step 8:   Next you’re going to fold over your edges ONE more time, this time to make the casing for the elastic. I used thin elastic 1/4″ because I didn’t think I had enough fabric for wider elastic. I pinned along the elastic casing line, then proceeded to the next step before sewing.

Step 9:  Now the “fun” part! You get to figure out your “puff” segments. The top “puff” appears larger so I’m doing that one first to make sure I have enough fabric. Mark each of your puffs with pins, then sew along those lines. To help me out, I took rolled up extra fabric and set it in the middle so I’d know how big it would be. If you’re using batting (I’m using fiber fill) you can probably roll that up and use it to determine your “puff” sizes. I also used wash cloths when I ran out of extra fabric.

Here I am pinning the sections for my “puff’s.”
I decided where I wanted them, then just pinned along as straight a line as I could.

I stuffed my sections, just a bit, as I pinned them so I would see what the final product looked like. Be sure to remove stuffing BEFORE you sew the sections!

Step 10:  Once you’ve marked your puff seams and elastic casing seam with pins, go ahead and sew straight across on each one.

The sections and elastic casing are now sewn!

Step 11:   Sew one side shut on each piece (front and back) – simply fold over (towards the lining) and sew.
Note: If you did yours as one LARGE piece vs 2 pieces, just sew one side. We still need to stuff it!

Step 12: Stuff your puff! Fill the sections with fiber fill or batting.

Step 13:  Sew shut the open side the same way you sewed the first side. If you did yours in two pieces, you’ll stuff twice and then sew the edges of BOTH pieces. If you did ONE big piece, you’ll just stuff and then sew your last open side.

Here are my final front and back pieces. Stuffed, edges sewn shut, ready to proceed. You can learn from my mistakes, make your edges prettier! lol

This is as far as I got on the body before having to get the kids fed and off to dance class.

The next step you’re going to want to take is to MAKE SURE the pieces are big enough to fit your child! This is supposed to pull over their head (or they could step into it.) As I said before, mine ended up too small, so I’m going to have to do things a little differently (hopefully will have that post in the next couple of days!)

Assuming your costume is big enough to fit onto your child, go ahead and sew the two pieces together on one side. Make sure you do NOT sew over the elastic casing (another reason why doing this all as one big piece PROBABLY would have been a better idea!!!) Then thread the elastic through, pin in place, and sew up the last side, pinning, sewing the elastic pieces together inside as you sew over the side. Make sure you remember the elastic in both the top and the bottom.


NEXT: Check out the beginning of the hood here.

Garage Sale!

We’re having a garage sale right now to get rid of the TONS of baby clothes cluttering our house!!! Plus the baby accessories!!!

Today was day one. In preparation of the sale, I ended up staying up until about 5:15 am…. giving me 3 hours of sleep! I started crashing at about 6 PM and here it is now 1 AM and I still have not gone to bed, despite the fact that the sale continues at 9am and (TMI) I totally need a shower tomorrow morning! lol

Today was a good sale day though. Sold a lot of the bigger items, such as bouncer seats, Bumbo, playmat and a bassinet. Plus I finally got rid of some of my maternity pants! Woohoo! lol

OK. Time to hit the hay. No more excuses! (And really, what was I thinking finishing off that can of Diet Coke at 9 PM? It wasn’t even the Caffeine Free kind!!!!)

Oh yeah, I also sold a few of the hair bows I make ( https://www.facebook.com/EnchantingElegance ) and possibly have a new business prospect in my future. Not to mention, I met some “new” neighbors (I say new because I’ve never met them, even though I’ve lived here almost 3 years and they in their house for nearly 6 and are literally, across the street and like, 3 houses down!!! PLUS they have a 5 year old little girl who can become Allison’s new BFF!!!)

OK, but now really, I need to get to bed. The way I’m going The Husband is going to get home from work and murder me for still being up. (He’s bringing me home a McChicken since he ate the one I left in the fridge for today and told me if I’m still up when he gets home he’s not giving it to me!!! lol)