Garage Sale!

We’re having a garage sale right now to get rid of the TONS of baby clothes cluttering our house!!! Plus the baby accessories!!!

Today was day one. In preparation of the sale, I ended up staying up until about 5:15 am…. giving me 3 hours of sleep! I started crashing at about 6 PM and here it is now 1 AM and I still have not gone to bed, despite the fact that the sale continues at 9am and (TMI) I totally need a shower tomorrow morning! lol

Today was a good sale day though. Sold a lot of the bigger items, such as bouncer seats, Bumbo, playmat and a bassinet. Plus I finally got rid of some of my maternity pants! Woohoo! lol

OK. Time to hit the hay. No more excuses! (And really, what was I thinking finishing off that can of Diet Coke at 9 PM? It wasn’t even the Caffeine Free kind!!!!)

Oh yeah, I also sold a few of the hair bows I make ( ) and possibly have a new business prospect in my future. Not to mention, I met some “new” neighbors (I say new because I’ve never met them, even though I’ve lived here almost 3 years and they in their house for nearly 6 and are literally, across the street and like, 3 houses down!!! PLUS they have a 5 year old little girl who can become Allison’s new BFF!!!)

OK, but now really, I need to get to bed. The way I’m going The Husband is going to get home from work and murder me for still being up. (He’s bringing me home a McChicken since he ate the one I left in the fridge for today and told me if I’m still up when he gets home he’s not giving it to me!!! lol)