What’s For Dinner?

We had a rough night last night. I’m a night owl and ever since Saturday morning I’ve been getting up early – as in, getting maybe 6 hours of sleep? Last night I was really feeling it, all those nights catching up to me at once!

I crashed at about 1am (early for me) soon after The Husband came home from work. I knew I was exhausted so I had baby Miranda sleep in my bed so that I wouldn’t have to get up to nurse her if she woke up! ¬†(We pushed the bed against the wall so that we wouldn’t have to worry about her rolling out.)

Whelp, The Husband went back to work – he is scheduled for regular shifts, then goes in with another guy to do basic building¬†maintenance whenever they can make time. He had to wait until the other guy got done working his shift at his other job, then they went back in to do work. He got home around 7am! That was around the time that Miranda woke up and decided she was up for the day. Ugh… I was still absolutely exhausted!

Well, I felt bad for The Husband since he’d worked Tuesday 4:45pm until about 12:30am… Then went back from about 1:30am until 7am (or so) – he clearly needed the sleep more than I did! So…. I took the baby out to the living room and crashed on the floor. She played nicely while Allison watched Netflix for Kids. I ended up getting up around 1 (though I didn’t really “sleep” more like I just “dozed.”)

I sent Allison to wake up The Husband around 3pm thinking he worked tonight. Well, turns out he didn’t. That’s all good and well but now I have to figure out dinner, because I only make a “real” dinner when he’s home. Not sense cooking anything even halfway “fancy” when the two picky eaters (Allison and myself) are the only ones eating!

I ended up making Spinach Ravioli that we got at Aldi, with Classico pasta sauce, meatballs and garlic toast. It was delish. We have some left overs and hopefully The Husband doesn’t eat it all before I can get at it!


Oh, and on another note about being tired? Clearly the poor quality of sleep I had last night didn’t really help refresh me because I ended up falling asleep for almost an hour in the rocking chair with Miranda this evening! And of course, I woke up when Allison came in and she woke Miranda up, too. *sighs*