Cleaning Spree!

Today I went on a cleaning spree!

I got a late start to the day, got up a little after 9. The Husband took Allison to school today (he usually takes her) and I got up soon after, with the intention of running a few errands (grocery store – we were painfully low on milk! – as well as the library and party store.) Well… I was so sleepy that I ended up going back to bed to nurse the baby and we both fell asleep. I ended up getting up around 1:30 in the afternoon…or was it 2:30? I really should start going to bed earlier to avoid days like these, but I’m such a night owl! I get kicks of inspiration at night and it’s hard for me to stop what I’m doing because I know the spark will have gone out by morning!

Anyway, when I finally got up I did run to the grocery store. Got the basics – milk, cereal, peanut butter, bananas…. as well as tomato sauce and paste (among other things) so that we can make personal pizzas in a few days! Woohoo!

Once I was home I was determined to do something useful since I’d slept most of the day away (in addition to most of yesterday….) so I went crazy cleaning the kitchen. Dishwasher is unloaded and re-loaded. The pots and pans that have been piling up on the stove and in the sink are clean (woohoo!) as well as my Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer (I made cookies about 2 weeks ago and apparently never cleaned it out! Oops?) I even cleaned off the stove top and the inside of the microwave! I mean, I never remember to clean the stove top until I’ve got something cooking on it and then I’m not even going to attempt to clean it because I will burn myself!!!!

Now, the main thing in the kitchen that has been driving me bananas for months is The Husband’s wine fridge. His parents gave this thing to him for Christmas two years ago. He had the genius idea to put it on our breakfast counter. Um…. No. I’ve been asking him to move it pretty much since he put it there! He loves wine (the cheap stuff) but A.) He rarely has any wine in the house and B.) that stupid thing prevented the use of about a 2×3 foot area of the counter!!!!

So tonight I decided to attempt to remove it myself. I braced myself. I lifted. I discovered that the thing is practically as light as my InStyler! Sweet! I have counter space now!

Isn't it beautiful? (Well, aside from the hideous stove! We really need to replace it! Not only is it an eyesore, but it also does not heat properly!)

This is an example of how our counter usually looks! This particular image was taken when half our house was in the kitchen because we were having carpet installed in most of our upstairs. But the fact remains - our counter usually looks something like this! (And there's that stupid wine fridge!)

To reward all of my awesome work, I treated myself to this!

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips!

Ah, who am I kidding? Even if I had done nothing all day I still would have eaten that!!! I love me some ice cream! Besides, I’m nursing a baby, I need the calories, right? Right!

Until next time! 😀