I am a Minivan Mom

I don’t really have much to post today, however it’s been over a week since my last post and darnit! I’m going to keep this New Years Resolution!!!

I suppose I can update everyone on how some of my resolutions have been going.

Here’s a brief overview.

1. Well… I blogged twice last week! That’s more than once a week! Go me! And today I’m staying on track as well.

2. Meal planning: I planned every day last week, but didn’t follow through 100%. Things came up or I’d run out of cheese and couldn’t get to the store because I didn’t have a vehicle, so that meal would be postponed until the next day.

3. No yelling: We’ve been better about this. We are by no means perfect and some days it’s really, really hard. Especially when you have children who cry over spilled water (that’s right, not even milk – water!) But we’re working on it.

4. Early to Bed/Early to Rise: Well…. some nights have been better than others. The first few days I was good about being in bed by 12:30. Now it’s back to an average of about 1:30, but usually before 2 am. I need to keep working at it.!

In other news, our ear infection free household no longer has that status. The Little One was screaming in agony this past week. I thought she was just fighting sleep, she was tired and had a drippy nose. I kept asking her if each part of her body hurt and she kept telling me “No!”

Sick Baby

The Little One the day before I took her to the doctor and was diagnosed with a double ear infection. ūüė¶

By the third day, when suddenly her fever spiked and she was able to communicate what hurt, I said enough is enough. As stated above, I didn’t have my own vehicle. My car was totaled in November when the CV Joint broke while turning onto the highway. (Real fun spot to have your car die!) ¬†(Not So Fun Fact! That was also the day I got into my first ever car accident! Hitting black ice and rear ending an SUV with The Husband’s car! Needless to say, I was afraid of driving for a good 4 days!)

Anyway, I have the best neighbors and my good friend/neighbor down the road said I could borrow her van. I had the fun task of pushing the stroller through a foot of snow to get to her house a few doors down, but we made it and I got to practice driving a minivan. Got The Little One to the doctor and sure enough, double ear infection. The right ear had ruptured and had puss inside, the left was just read. Ten days of antibiotics orally three times per day and ear drops in the right ear twice per day. By day 2 she was already feeling much better!

Not So Sick Baby

After about 4 days of meds she was feeling MUCH better! (She was actually feeling much better when she woke up on day 2 after only 2 doses of meds!)

So, the conclusion of the above, I suppose, is that I need my own vehicle. The Husband and I agreed to start looking about a month ago, looking for a good deal, and a good deal I found! Got a great blue Dodge Grand Caravan SXT for under 3K from a very nice man. We found it using CarSoup.com, though he was also listed on CraigsList.

Blue Steel

Blue Steel

Here she is! “Blue Steel” is what I’m naming her. Or “Buh-KAWWW!” (like the sound a chicken makes! – Because The Husband and I like to name our cars based on the letters on the license plate. I previously owned Jibble and Pixed. The Husband currently owns Vixy.)

So… I’m actually super excited to own this minivan. I know that it was super well taken care of for the first 5 years of it’s life – thanks CarFax! – and the guy who sold i to me (second owner) seems like ¬†a very honest guy and seems to have taken pretty good care of it.

My only issue with minivans is the lack of ability to check the blind spot! I’m a shoulder checker! I can’t do that in this van! I’m considering getting a blind spot mirror to attach to my drivers side mirror. Hopefully very, very soon!

So there you have it. An update on me and mine. It’s not food, but it will do. Hopefully next week I’ll food blog again!


Contest Queen

As of today I have dubbed myself The Contest Queen!

My friend Alyson over at Miss Free-Bee (also on Facebook Here) has got me hooked on Facebook contests!
She hosts a monthly give away on her blog, which got me started. She’s a part of my baby group (The September Snugglebugs!) on Facebook (we all have babies who were due in September 2011, we migrated from ivillage.com¬†and have been happily settled on a private Facebook group for some time now!) She was advertising for her blog contest on the group so I entered…. And I won!

The photo in my previous blog entry features a photo of Miranda wearing a purple/blue/pink tutu. I totally won that from Lopez Creations! Epicness!

Thanks to Alyson I am also¬†addicted¬†to an etsy shop called My Belle Boutique. She makes and sells beautiful personalized necklaces (and now bracelets!) Well, she was having a 50% off sale, where I snatched up 2 necklaces and a bracelet (one necklace and one bracelet were gifts!) and during that sale she¬†also¬†had a “share” contest. Every hour was another sale for the entire day. Each sale you “shared” on Facebook got you an entry in a drawing to win $30 store credit. Over 450 entries and who goes and wins? That’s right! Me! I ordered a bracelet for myself with the names and birthstones of my family ūüôā It will be very patriotic with my red “garnet” and Allison and The Husband with their “diamonds” and of course Miranda my little “sapphire!”

The first necklace I bought from My Belle Boutique. It features "diamonds" for Allison (born in April) and "sapphires" for Miranda (born in September) and features their full names. The photo does not do it justice!

Pretty lucky, right? OK, so then let’s add the fact that I just found out I won¬†another¬†contest!
This one was from Tracie’s Giveaway Finds and got me a “Mystery Prize Package” valued at $25 from Crystal’s Sweet¬†Imagination¬†Boutique. Her stuff is adorable! I’m so excited to find out what’s in my mystery package!!!!

So I figure I’m not going to win anything else for a while, until I happen to stumble onto another Facebook page where I’d entered to win a $25 Shutterfly Gift Card…. Yep, won that one, too! Now I can order some prints and start my girls’ scrapbooks thanks to Baby’s Inspired Creations!

I’ve got some other entries in place. Mostly in Alyson’s Miss Free-Bee “March Gift-A-Way” over on Facebook!
In less-than-awesome, non-contest related news, my poor little Allison came down with the stomach flu Sunday night. She spent all of yesterday and today puking. We couldn’t even get water or pedialite to stay down! In the end, in an act of desperation, I gave her a small amount of expressed breastmilk because breastmilk is so amazing “it can cure cancer!” (OK, it can’t really, but it does have amazing healing properties!) Sure enough, she was able to keep that down!!! Since then she’s had a little bit of bread and has been sipping at some apple juice and water. We’re hoping tomorrow she’ll be able to stomach some more “real” food. She’s afraid to eat because she thinks she’s going to throw up again. My poor baby!

Isn't this the most pathetic thing you've ever seen? She's passed out cold on the living room floor, eyes still half open. My brother used to sleep that way, too!

As for the baby, she’s doing great and has thankfully¬†not come down with the bug Allison has!
Tonight she enjoyed some “Squashacado” (aka Butternut Squash mixed with Avocado!) which she¬†loved¬†and giggled¬†every¬†time the spoon entered her mouth! She also had pear but really, the “Squashacado” was the highlight of her night!

Miranda loves to eat! Tonight she ate squash and avocado mixed together (Squashacado!)