Words. Blogger. EVER!!!

I swear, when I created this blog I intended to be an awesome blooger and post at least once a week!

Yeah….. not so much…… Turns out, my life is REALLY busy!!!

Good news, though! I’ve cut down on my Facebook time. Which is great…. but also sad. I’m a part of an awesome mom’s group that I joined while pregnant with the little one. Great bunch of women, I miss checking in with them daily. BUT I am getting more work done! I’ve found more time to convert my companies books to Kindle (and some of these books take HOURS based on length and formatting… ouch!)

In other news, I joined a gym!!! My BFF convinced me to try a Zumba class with her. It was SO much work but I felt great. The best part of joining this gym is the insurance reimbursement. My insurance will reimburse the month’s fee if I attend 12 days a month. This is also key motivation to actually go because money is tight and I need that reimbursement! My membership includes free unlimited classes and I am HOOKED on BodyPump and Fusion (Body Flow – a combo of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.) Those classes are back to back, meaning 2 straight hours of working out, but even being someone as out of shape as I am (I’m not overweight by any means, however two kids and working computer jobs for so long, I’m not in the best shape of my life!) I thought that the 2 hours would just about kill me. Turns out, after the Body Pump, the Fusion feels AMAZING! I wish they offered the class more than once a week. I also attend Zumba one evening a week with my BFF and am still trying to find another good class to fill in the third required day. If I hate the other classes I’ll just use the machines.

Anyway, what else is new… what else, what else…..

I don’t think I’ve blogged since my baby girl started Kindergarten. 
She went to preschool last year, but it’s amazing how different Kindergarten is! Watching her climb up onto the big school bus and watch it drive away…. it was like watching a piece of my soul drive away. This little person who has been a part of me for 5 years, who has never been so far out of my range…. she just got on that bus, never looked back, and went to school. With preschool we dropped her off at the classroom door. We knew she was in that classroom until we picked her up. Now, adding the bus into the mix… it’s just so different. She loves it though! And her class is very diverse, not all white kids, which is nice. She’s working on reading right now which I am SO excited for because I’m a huge reader myself! She recently came home and was proud to show off that she learned to spell the word “THE.” Tonight The Husband was reading her a bedtime story and every time they came to a “The” in the book she got to read it. In the end, he picked a page at random and asked her to find the word “the” – which she did. I swear I almost started crying. “My baby girl is learning to read! When did she grow up???” I gushed, giving her a big hug. She probably thought I was being the silliest mommy ever….. *sighs* The time goes so fast.

My little girl also got her first pair of glasses.
I’ll tell you this, if your child is sitting with her face plastered next to the TV, don’t assume it’s because she’s so absorbed…. GET HER EYES CHECKED!!! We let it go too long. We assumed the aforementioned absorption was her issue.. nope. At her preschool screening they coaxed her into passing her vision check somehow and told us that “at this age their eyes are still developing, so don’t worry about her eyes.” SECOND MISTAKE! We finally took her in to have her vision checked at the eye clinic in August, after her virtually failing the test again at her April Well Child Checkup…. they told us that she may need eye therapy because the muscles didn’t develop like they should have. They said she’s still young enough that it really shouldn’t be an issue, but the poor thing inherited my eyes. Horrible astigmatism and can’t see far away. She loves her new glasses though!!!

The other big thing that happened recently was that my ACTUAL tiny baby (not my big baby) turned 1. I have a 1 year old again. And I love this age. Love, love, LOVE this age! She’s been walking since she was 10 months so she’s really got it down now. She has the shortest legs, but she sure can move! She’s in the 12% for her height so watching her run around on those tiny legs just cracks me up. I love that little girl. She’s also starting to figure out new words. She’ll sometimes try to say “Baby” and of course she knows “Mama” and “Dada” and “Uh Oh.” Yep, my kids learn “Uh oh” as one of their first words! With Allison, she used “Uh Oh” to mean EVERYTHING. We’re talking Pick me up, Put me down, I want that, Look at that…. Everything was “Uh oh!” accompanied by a pointed finger. Fortunately, Miranda is not using “Uh oh” quite as frequently as her big sister. Usually she uses it for I dropped my cup OR I threw that toy, go get it! 
I can’t recall most of the other words she’s been trying out lately, but I am pretty sure she said “Allie” and sometimes she says “Na-night” but really, her word right now, is “Hi.” I walk into the room and she says “Hi!” and I say hi back, and we go back and forth for a couple of minutes before one of us just stops (usually her, I think it’s so cute I keep encouraging her!)

Anywho, I’m quite sleepy seeing that it’s 2:10 am and we were at a wedding today! (I’ll blog about that later! Hopefully tomorrow…. er…. later today? lol) 

Leave me a comment if you made it this far! And to encourage me to blog more!!! :p
(And BTW, I’m too tired to proof read, sorry for any typo’s or if nothing makes sense. It wouldn’t be me without those things!)