Fruit Kabobs & Strawberry S’Mores

Steak, Veggie and Fruit Kabobs

Steak, Veggie and Fruit Kabobs

Last night I decided to finally use the Kabob set I bought at Goodwill for $3.99, a steal in my opinion!

I made steak kabobs. Even though I’m trying to cut back on my sugar consumption, I decided to officially start that NEXT week, so I just used a basic marinade I found on the Internet which was basically lemon juice, soy sauce, garlic, cinnamon and a few other random ingredients. To me, the marinade is basically there just to tenderize the meat. Then, as the kabobs were cooking, I brushed some BBQ sauce over the steak every few minutes. The end result was absolutely delish.

Of course when you make kabobs you need to grill some veggies. We kept it simple with red and yellow bell peppers and white onions. Sweet onions would have been much better, but The Husband couldn’t find any at the store. :\

The real “experiment” was fruit kabobs though. I had an orange, some bananas and a package of strawberries in my kitchen and I thought to myself, “I wonder how these would taste on the grill?”

Well, the oranges were pretty blah. But the orange I had was old and not that great to begin with. Regardless, I will not attempt grilling oranges again! The banana was pretty good – The Husband enjoyed it the most. He likes very ripe bananas though and I prefer my bananas to still be a bit green. Grilling the banana simply made the banana sweeter. The real winner though was the strawberry. Heating the strawberry really brought out the natural sweetness. I went back for more.

And then comes dessert. Remember how I mentioned that I want to cut back on sugar? Well…. S’mores don’t count, right? They’re like, a summer right of passage.

Add a grilled strawberry and take your S’more to a whole new level. It tastes to me like chocolate covered strawberries. I only tried the one, but I may try it again with no marshmallows to see how it differs.

Strawberry S'mores

Strawberry S’mores

Honey Mustard Chicken with Rosemary

Tonight was one of those nights where I didn’t put a lot of thought into chicken.
OK, let’s face it, most nights I don’t and we end up eating sandwiches or hot dogs or some other from a box meal.

I had planned on getting to the grocery store yesterday to pick up some veggies and what not to try out another recipe from Pinterest or one of my many cookbooks (that I’ve barely glanced at in the almost 6 years of my marriage….)

Yeah… that didn’t happen. I went to get my oil changed on Thursday. While I was there they mentioned that my two front tires were looking pretty worn and would need them replaced soon. They gave me a quote and basically said that I was welcome to shop around but I knew where to find them. They were going to rotate my tires but returned a bit later with the bad news that when one of the tires was last put on, whoever did it, (Tires Plus I’m pretty sure…. ) misthread the screw or some other car talk, which basically meant that if they tried to force it off they could strip the screw, or worse – break it completely. So they didn’t.

So, Friday I needed to pick up a baby shower gift because we were supposed to get hit with a snowstorm on Saturday so I couldn’t do it any other time. I packed the kids in the car, we drove to Target, we did our shopping, I loaded everything and everyone in the car and we started to drive. We made it to the neighboring parking lot and the car was sounding strange so I pulled into the neighboring credit union’s parking lot and alas, flat. Completely flat. No question about it.

I call my husband, who had just gotten home from his new ┬ájob and was getting ready to head to work at his old job (he’s doing the two job thing right now, poor guy.) He eventually called into work to let them know he’d make it when he could and made his way over to me. Tried to get the car jacked up and…. it tilts. So he assumes he has it in the wrong spot and takes it down and tried again. Now it falls completely. And all while he’s trying we’re watching pieces of the frame of my car crumble. It’s a 1995 so that’s not too surprising, but it was not a pretty site. Sorry credit union parking lot! We didn’t mean to leave you all of those presents!!!

In the end, he carefully drove it back to the Target lot where I obtained permission from the manager to have it left in the lot as long as all weekend until we could get it figured out. Finally today, using a higher quality jack from my dad, my hubby was able to jack the car up and get the spare tire on. We loaded the kids in his car, went and picked up the car and drove it home. I’m not driving it, especially in the bad snow that started today, until I get a “real” tire on it! But that’s a job hopefully for tomorrow.
So, long story short, I couldn’t drive because my car had a flat.

Sooooo when it came to dinner tonight I had to figure out what I could throw together that wouldn’t take many ingredients. I flipped through my Betty Crocker 4 Ingredient Meals cookbook (which is misleading, because some do require more than 4… and some less!) and they had grilled honey mustard chicken in there. We don’t have much honey left… but we do have honey mustard! So I simply stuck the chicken breasts on the grill pan on my stove top. I used a basting brush to brush on the honey mustard on both sides, then let it sit for a few minutes. I took that time to do a quick internet search to find out what herbs/spices went well with honey mustard – we bought a spice rack a while back and really only use about 3 kinds that are in there! I found a recipe that used both honey mustard and rosemary so that was it. I just sprinkled some rosemary over the honey mustard mixture, flipped and sprinkled again. I didn’t taste much of it, so I probably should have used more. But it didn’t deter from the taste at all!

This was the end result:

Honey Mustard Chicken

Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken

Mmm…. on a burger bun with onion, ketchup and more honey mustard! We served this with mashed potatoes because The Big One insisted on mashed potatoes with dinner tonight.

So easy. And yummy. And amazingly I managed to pretty much cook it to perfection – it was not dry at all!

Step 1. Place chicken on grill (or grill pan on stove top.)

Step 2. Baste chicken with honey mustard, sprinkle with rosemary. Flip over and baste/sprinkle the other side.

Step 3. Cook chicken, flipping every few minutes. Cook until juices run clear and the meat is no longer pink in the middle. Tip: Cut into the fattest part of each chicken breast to ensure it’s cooked all the way through.

Step 4. Enjoy!

Oh! And to add, my picky daughter loved this! The baby, who is not so picky, loved it as well.